Kesha Claims Dr. Luke Is Refusing to Keep Her Medical Records Confidential

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In a filing that will be heard October 26, Kesha has asked for a standard protective order to safeguard her many gynecological, psychiatric, and rehabilitation medical records from the past 10 years, which she handed over to Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald’s legal team as part of her sexual assault lawsuit against him. He has refused her request.


In August, Kesha dropped her lawsuit against Dr. Luke in California in order to concentrate on the case in New York. She is also back to recording music, though her contract still ties her to the man she claimed sexually assaulted her. In this latest development, BuzzFeed News reports that Dr. Luke’s legal team says Kesha waived her right to privacy by “publicly disclosing details of her alleged medical diagnoses and treatments and putting them at issue in this case, all in an effort to bolster her baseless claims against our clients.”

Kesha’s lawyers countered that Dr. Luke only wishes to use the records to embarrass her, as part of his strategy of his “scorched earth litigation tactics.” He has supposedly hired 25 contract attorneys to review the documents in detail. Court papers state:

Gottwald, who is purported to be worth an excess of $100 million, has made clear his intent to make the litigation as expensive as possible for the single defendant Ms. Sebert who is currently unable to publish music without Gottwald’s involvement... Gottwald’s strategy in the litigation has been to subject Ms. Sebert to extreme embarrassment and harassment going as far as to raise questions in depositions regarding whether Ms. Sebert is ‘sexually aggressive’.

Kesha hasn’t released a new album in four years, though she was able to tour in August. There is no word on when the 28 tracks she worked on in part with producer Zedd will be released.


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Yeah, someone who would leak someone’s medical records just to embarrass & violate them totally doesn’t sound like someone capable of rape.