Kesha Is Finally Back in the Studio, Recording With Zedd

Kesha is back in the studio, working with producer Zedd, after a judge ruled that she couldn’t legally record music outside of her contract with her alleged abuser Dr. Luke.

While Kesha’s label contract with Luke remains binding (an appeal to sever the deal was thrown out), a judge reportedly clarified that Kesha is still allowed to record music without Luke’s presence.

After the initial ruling, producers like Zedd and Jack Antonoff stepped up to offer their services and now Zedd is following through on his pledge.


In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Kesha teased a studio session with Zedd and captioned it: “It’s a miracle when someone gives you a chance at finding your voice again with no reason other than that he is a fucking beautiful person with a heart of gold @zedd.”

Kesha previously performed with Zedd at Coachella, singing in public for the first time since filing her lawsuit against Dr. Luke.


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She can’t record music outside of her contract without paying a fee. This write-up is a little confusing.