In the opening segment of her first Live! appearance after Michael Strahan announced his departure, Kelly Ripa did her best to convince the audience that things were A-OK between she and her co-host. But Thursday morning, while on her way to film one of Strahan’s final episodes before he abandons her for Good Morning America, Ripa was spotted in a jacket that suggested otherwise. On the back, it read, simply: “Freedom.”

Ripa has proven herself a master at subtly shady photo-ops, but while her last one (when she carried around copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s David & Goliath in public) felt like an attack on Disney/ABC, this one feels more pointed at Strahan in particular.

Are we weeks away from seeing Kelly in a cap with NBC’s Today logo on it? Will she soon start hanging out with Strahan’s ex-wives? Will she write a book called You Know What? I Really Hate Michael Strahan, and Here Are All the Reasons Why and read it on a bench in Central Park? I’m excited to find out.