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Kelly Ripa Celebrated Michael Strahan’s Last Week on Live By Wearing a 'Freedom' Jacket

In the opening segment of her first Live! appearance after Michael Strahan announced his departure, Kelly Ripa did her best to convince the audience that things were A-OK between she and her co-host. But Thursday morning, while on her way to film one of Strahan’s final episodes before he abandons her for Good Morning America, Ripa was spotted in a jacket that suggested otherwise. On the back, it read, simply: “Freedom.”


Ripa has proven herself a master at subtly shady photo-ops, but while her last one (when she carried around copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s David & Goliath in public) felt like an attack on Disney/ABC, this one feels more pointed at Strahan in particular.

Are we weeks away from seeing Kelly in a cap with NBC’s Today logo on it? Will she soon start hanging out with Strahan’s ex-wives? Will she write a book called You Know What? I Really Hate Michael Strahan, and Here Are All the Reasons Why and read it on a bench in Central Park? I’m excited to find out.


Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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Unpopular Opinion: Michael Strahan doesn’t owe her shit. I get that no one told you, but that’s on ABC not him. Are you his boss? no. You don’t fuck his wife and you don’t feed his kids, so get the fuck away from him with this petty bullshit. It’s such bullshit that he essentially got promoted and then you threw a fucking fit. Like he probably wasn’t allowed to tell you per the network request, and now you’re out here acting like a child, cuz why? Cuz toby didn’t consult miss ann regarding his life decisions. Nah. Miss me.