Kelly Ripa Spotted Carrying David and Goliath, Is Handling This Like a Fucking Queen

Are you already burned out by the Kelly Ripa/Michael Strahan/ABC story? First of all, it’s been like 36 hours so if you are, you need to chill. This is, like, stage two of five. Second of all, I’m about to reel you back in, because Ripa just made what could possibly be the most well-curated and satisfyingly shady public appearance since Julia Roberts was photographed prancing around in her “A Low Verashirt.


While leaving her Manhattan apartment Thursday morning (alongside her husband of 20 years, Mark Consuelos), Ripa was photographed looking happy, healthy, and ready for a fun-filled anniversary weekend. Because wearing an “A Low Strahan” shirt isn’t quite her style, Ripa opted for a less cruel (though equally devastating) burn. In her hand was a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’sDavid and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants.

Had I been there, the photo op would have gone something like this:

Images via North Woods / Splash News.

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