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Kelly Osbourne Puts On Curly Wig, Asks to 'Call Her Rachel'

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Kelly Osbourne made fun of Rachel Dolezal by putting on a curly wig and posting a photo on her Instagram with the hashtags “#CallMeRachel” and “#MyCasualLook.” Several days ago, Osbourne posted a side-by-side shot of Dolezal’s childhood photo and her current look with the caption “This has utterly shocked me!!! It’s a #WholeNewLevelOfWrong.”


As for her parody of the ex-Spokane NAACP chapter president, fans had mixed reactions. Comments flooding Osbourne’s social media varied from support for the former Fashion Police co-host to calling her a hypocrite.


Osbourne quit her gig after Giuliana Rancic made offensive comments about Zendaya’s dreadlocks, saying she looked like she “smells like patchouli oil” or “weed.” Melissa Rivers will be taking over as a new co-host for the show.

[Us Weekly]

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Chris Pratt is totally okay with being “objectified.” In a recent interview he said, “I think it’s appalling that for a long time only women were objectified, but I think if we really want to advocate for equality, it’s important to even things out. Not objectify women less, but objectify men just as often as we objectify women. There are a lot of women who got careers out of it, and I’m using it to my advantage.” Pratt continued, “And at the end of the day, our bodies are objects.” Okay, Chris Pratt. If that’s the case, maybe you should stop talking and just look pretty. I’ll turn my crush back over to Channing Tatum.

[E Online]

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Did Tom Hanks make Chet Hanks go on a prison tour à la Scared Straight? Apparently Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson sent Chet on a tour to a maximum security prison when he was a teenager, but Chet just kept getting stoned on the trip. I wish that had been an actual episode. [Radar Online]

  • Very sad: Scott Baio’s wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor. [People]
  • Diplo asked Twitter why Madonna isn’t allowed to “be sexy” but Caitlyn Jenner is, then quickly deleted his tweet. [ONTD]
  • Here’s Beyonce doing some kind of chicken dance. I hope she does “The Urkel” next. [E Online]
  • Brandi Glanville won’t be back for next season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [E Online]
  • That goofy ol’ Alan Rickman inhales helium. [Just Jared]
  • Miley Cyrus’s number one fan is getting his 29 Miley tattoos removed because she thinks they’re ugly. [ONTD]
  • Workaholics’ Blake Anderson was waaaay too high to be on this live morning show. [TMZ]
  • Iggy Azalea tried on some wedding dresses. Yawn. [ET Online]

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Well, this lesbian shit ass is sorry to hear about Mrs. Baio’s brain tumor. Nobody deserves that.