Kell On Earth: Staff Infection

Last night's episode focused on the egregious incompetence of People's Revolution employee Stephanie V. Mundane office tasks aside, Stephanie's biggest error might actually be her emotional meltdown, conflicting with Kelly's mantra: "If you have to cry, go outside."

Kelly's crying rule is actually pretty sound, as Stephanie's meltdown—after she fucked up the very basic, intern-worthy chore of printing out mailing labels—affected the entire office, heightened stress levels and created an atmosphere that centered around the problem, rather than on the solution. In addition, I really like that she doesn't tell people that they aren't allowed to cry, but actually understands that it's necessary for mental and emotional health. It's just not necessary for getting a job done.

While it's understandable that Stephanie V. would feel demoralized after feeling attacked for her supposed stupidity, Kelly tried to switch the focus away from hurt feelings and toward preventing hurting the business.

After watching Stephanie fuck up some more seemingly simple tasks—misspelling a designer's name on a press release, for one—it appears that she might be getting fired in a future episode.


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