Kell On Earth Is Heaven Sent

Words can barely describe the awesomeness of last night's premiere of Kelly Cutrone's reality show, which follows the operations of her PR company People's Revolution. Her bon mots, her muumuus, her employees' confessions and insecurities…it's all perfection.

First of all, let me just say that I love this woman, her no-bullshit attitude, and the fact that she growls around NYC in a muumuu.

And while the show is predicated on the intensity and stress of Kelly's life—she balances the demanding jobs of being both a fashion publicist and a single mom—it's equally entertaining to watch how the trickle-down effect impacts her employees. As one girl on the verge of a nervous breakdown regarding an upcoming runway show says, "I just feel like I'm a retard," Kelly's assistant makes her feel better by saying, "I know, but I think that's because you're not, like, putting it into context."

Another employee says that "pharmaceuticals definitely help at People's Revolution."

And while there's so much "retardation" going around, it's interesting to see how good Kelly is at what she does. What's so compelling about Kelly is exactly what sets her apart from other people who do what she does (fashion, PR, and reality TV)—she's intelligent and self-aware. Kelly appears to realize that, in the grand scheme of things, her profession is somewhat frivolous. One look at her and you can tell that she doesn't work this hard for "a love of fashion." She does it to provide the best lifestyle for herself and her daughter. She might appear to be a bitchy maniac, but how she appears isn't one of Kelly's priorities, and that's actually a really admirable—and rare—quality in someone in any industry, let alone fashion.

It's interesting—and pretty comical—to see how Kelly tries to impart her life's philosophy on her daughter, who is in the unique position of being aware of what signifies importance in the fashion industry at just 7 years old.



From clip #2, the girl is right. People can RSVP "no"...can't they?