Keith Ellison Charges All 4 Cops in Death of George Floyd; Upgraded to 2nd-Degree Murder

Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General
Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General
Image: AP Images

Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General, announced today that he is elevating charges against Derek Chauvin and charging the three other officers involved in the murder of George Floyd, according to the Star Tribune. Chauvin was originally charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter after pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck, which a doctor later confirmed caused asphyxiation leading to Floyd’s death. Chauvin is now charged with second-degree murder, which can carry a sentence of “not more than 40 years” in Minnesota.

The other three officers involved in Floyd’s death—Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane—have also finally been charged with “aiding and abetting second-degree murder,” which carries a significantly lighter sentence and could be thrown out it Chauvin is not convicted.

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Question to those with legal knowledge, but how difficult are the qualified immunity and reasonability standards going to make the prosecutors work here? This isn’t to be a negative, I am just genuinely curious how it will affect things in this particular case considering the video evidence.