Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Khloe Hates Her Body, Poses For Nude Photos

Last night's episode dealt with Khloe's insecurities about her body. It didn't help when Bruce Jenner said she should "lose a few pounds." But she addressed her self-esteem issues in a very Kardashian way—posing nude.

I really felt for Khloe when watching this. As she was reading the things that Perez Hilton (and his commenters) said about her, saying she wanted to kill herself, my heart broke. And it's one thing to be in the public eye, and subjected to that kind of brutal body snarking, but it must be even more difficult to have to deal with the constant comparisons to her sisters. Khloe was asked to pose naked for PETA's anti-fur campaign, and although she wasn't confident about her weight, she decided to do it, in an attempt to force herself to accept how she looks. But she got cold feet when the time came to drop the robe. In the end, after a pep talk, she got the courage to do it. (You can see the photo here.)

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Since when is being an amazon bad? I always thought it meant you were a tall, fierce HOT chick?

Am I wrong?