Keeping Up With the Kardashians Has Resumed Production Three Weeks After Robbery

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Rest easy, moppets, for production has resumed on Kim Kardashian and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Immediately following Kim’s harrowing robbery in Paris October 3, all production ceased on the show, most likely to give Kim some space. Now, three weeks later and possibly at the insistence of someone at E!, KUWTK is back in action, baby.

An E! source told Variety that “full production has resumed,” so all is well in the world and the lightly-scripted foibles of everyone’s favorite sisters will return to our screens soon with little fuss. There’s no word on whether or not they were filming in Paris in the days leading up to the robbery, but any dedicated viewer knows that any vacation you see on Snapchat or otherwise usually makes it on to the show. Still, a rep declined to comment when asked if the robbery will make it as a plot point or not.


Kim has also finally emerged from her bunker, as per these pap shots of her and her strange, plasticine bestie, Foodgōd Jonathan Cheban. Look, she’s getting fro-yo and wearing an oversized sweatshirt, no pants and shower slides. Everything’s back to normal.

Though the Kardashians have no fucks to give about letting every single part of their lives become narrative on their show, something about Kim’s noted absence from the public eye in the wake of this situation tells me that they’ll actually leave well enough alone.

[Variety/Us Weekly]

I don’t mean to alarm you, but here is some news that will shock some but not most: Martha Stewart has sexted and she will most likely sext again. She might be sexting right now.

Sometimes Ellen’s insistence on making her guests play Never Have I ever nets beautiful results.


[Vanity Fair]

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Kinda think it’s shitty how people are so negative about the KUWTK resuming filming after ~only 3 weeks.~ Because of course there is never a good way to be a victim and if she doesn’t hole up and hide away forever, fuck her that attention-seeking whore. And whatever you may think about the Kardashians, these kinds of comments and attitudes only serve to reinforce the type of judgements that other people get for not reacting “appropriately” after a trauma. New flash, lots of people -myself included- have had to resume some semblance of their normal, daily life, whether they are fully ready or not. Especially work obligations.

Not to mention, for some people this can be healthy and help them to start to move on and heal.