Keegan-Michael Key Gives Us the Apocalyptic Weather Forecast Under a Trump Presidency

Joss Whedon came back to Twitter in September with a message: stop Donald Trump. In the last month, he’s called in all the charismatic comedians and actors he knows to participate in videos for his Save the Day super PAC, even promising you’ll see some skin in exchange for voting.

While one of his earlier videos implied there was a terrible, Cheeto-stained monster lurking on the White House lawn, it’s message was mostly, “Vote, for the love of god, vote!” This new short, featuring Keegan-Michael Key as a terrified weatherman, is more direct about the imminent threat of a Trump presidency, saying, “We are seeing a heavy wave of denial coming from both coasts, dropping a high-blood-pressure front right in the center of the country.”

Still, it’s hard to imagine any undecided voters being swayed by the female morning show host crying and getting called “a thoughtless ass” because she voted for Jill Stein, even if some of us enjoy the sentiment. So, in addition to putting out snarky videos, Save the Day is also registering people to vote which is good even if you love Jill Stein.

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Ah... the pretentiousness of 3rd party voters. I basically got told to shut up by an American friend because I told him it was a throwaway to vote 3rd party, I know nothing about American politics. This, coming from a guy who kept posting stupid memes on my wall during the last Canadian election.

I think most Canadians have gotten quite the education on how American politics works in the last 2 years. Not to say I know a lot, but you don’t get to comment on my election and then tell me to shut up during your mess of an election when you’re planning on voting 3rd party.