Samantha Bee Says You Can Mail Your Support of Jill Stein to Her Snatch

Samantha Bee is back, and she’s not happy with how things have progressed, or regressed, during her show’s brief hiatus. First of all, Hillary Clinton is dead, which sucks.

In the clip above, Bee cites a poll that shows the reanimated body of Clinton and the sack of dead meal worms that is Trump dangerously close to one another in the race, or what she calls the “margin of terror.” She then addresses the third party candidates directing votes away from Clinton’s nomination: Gary Johnson and what’s-her-name, who both “allow Hillary-haters to remain morally pure while also putting Donald Trump in the White House.”

Bee literally will not show a pic of Jill Stein and if you have a problem with it, you can send your angry petition to Her Snatch c/o Suck It You Know I’m Right Pueblo, Colorado 81001.


She’s also pretty pissed at Hillary Clinton, who alienated all the more malleable xenophobes, racists, and homophobic monsters that she needs to lure away from Trump’s creepy whispers by dropping a catchy phrase like Basket of Deplorables. It’s so refreshing to have Bee back on television, even though she makes it painfully clear that we need a bigger basket.

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According to Jill Stein, though, mailing support to the snatch is one of the leading causes of autism.