Katy Perry Really, Really Wants You to Vote

Image via screengrab
Image via screengrab

After promising (threatening?) to “use her body as click bait to change the world,” Katy Perry made good on that promise today in a video reminding one and all to register to vote.

Yesterday, the perky chanteuse tweeted the following lofty presumption:


And today, September 27th, National Voter’s Registration day, she followed up on that promise with the release of this video, assuring the youth of America that you don’t have to look good to vote (is this a thing?), you just have to fucking wear clothes and do it.

The message here is clearly skewed towards...someone, though I’m not sure who. Millennials? People who think they need to wear like, an outfit to walk to your local middle school gymnasium and pull a lever? Wouldn’t this have been more effective and arguably more important if it had shed some light on the very real issue of voter suppression? Am I naive for assuming that Perry’s intended audience is probably already #WithHer?

As far as made-up holidays go, this one feels fine. If you were one of the 81.4 million people watching a burlap sack of rotten hummus debate Hillary Clinton, you are surely aware that exercising your constitutional right to vote is crucial. Go, hustle, run, hurry, register to vote if you haven’t already.

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