Katy Perry Is Conducting Some Sort of Cherry Pie Contest on Twitter

Here is a tweet from the one and only Katy Perry that involves baked goods and the vague promise of a “surprise.”

“Bake me a pie and you may get a surprise,” reads the tweet, along with a recipe for a fairly standard cherry pie. No one knows what the surprise is, but that doesn’t matter because many, many people have baked a cherry pie for Katy Perry.


Important to note: the last step of the directions reads “Bon Appétit, baby!” “Bon Appétit” is the name of her latest single. Katy Perry is a woman who once chained a disco ball to a park bench in Brooklyn’s hip and happening McCarren Park in Williamsburg staffed by professional KatyCats who monitored other KatyCats as they plugged their headphones into the thing to listen to a snippet of her single, “Chained to the Rhythm.” This is a stunt. Katy Perry loves a stunt.

What’s the payoff going to be? How is she going to judge the best pie? What kind of surprise will the winner of America’s Most Photogenic Pie Contest as Judged By Katy Perry in Support of Her Latest Single get? You can’t just log on to Twitter and implore your 97 million followers to bake you a goddamn pie without some sort of hint as to what the surprise might actually be.


Fun little story right here about the depth of Sherri Shepard’s, um, appreciation for Janet Jackson.

“I’ve grown up with Janet. I’ve slept outside to get tickets for her concert. I’ve slept outside her compound in Encino,” the 50-year-old comedian revealed on Monday’s episode of “The Real.” “I used to sleep outside her house because I wanted to meet her and Michael.”

“If I wasn’t paying so much alimony, I’d go to Dubai and sleep outside her house.”


Now that Janet’s getting divorced, Shepard “wants the freak back.”

“I’m really heartbroken that she’s going through this divorce, because divorce is just horrible. But I am glad the freak gon’ be coming back on stage!” she quipped. “This is the girl who has Mickey doing it doggy style to Minnie on her hip.”


I’m having difficulty picturing the scenario that Shepard so evocatively describes but yes, a return to the old Janet might be nice.

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

What’re the betting odds for Jesse Williams’s character on Grey’s getting killed off a la Patrick Dempsey’s now?

ETA: Guys I watched The Mummy for the first time last night and now am fighting with ~another commenter who shall remain nameless~ over whether or not Brendan Fraiser is hot. This is the most intense argument I’ve been in in years.