Katy Perry backed by some dancers in...outfits, in 2015. Image: Getty
Katy Perry backed by some dancers in...outfits, in 2015. Image: Getty

This year Katy Perry was set to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, but there’s an unexpected twist—she’s banned from China “indefinitely.” Ahhh!


Per Page Six, Katy Kat was told that she’d be able to get a visa, applied for said visa, got the visa, and then lost the visa after Chinese officials finished their background research on Katy and unearthed an incident from 2015 that was enough to ban her indefintely from the country.

In 2015, Miss Perry wore a sparkly, sequined dress covered in sunflowers while wearing the freaking flag of Taiwan as a cape during a concert in Taipei. She probably thought she was being fun and respectful of Taiwan; she also probably didn’t understand that the sunflower was a symbol for a brief political movement in 2014 that saw Taiwanese students protesting a trade agreement that was unfair to Taiwan. Katy Perry was also likely unaware of Taiwan’s continued struggle for independence from China. She learned then (I think)! And now she’s banned from China! Indefinitely!


Also banned from China, per Chinese officials, is Gigi Hadid, because of that one time her sister Bella captured her on camera holding up a cookie shaped like Buddha and squinting her eyes. I sincerely thought that incident happened ten hundred years ago, but per this tweet below, it was just in February.

Gigi Hadi: cancelled! Katy Perry: cancelled! Racism of the brand that idiots in my third grade class practiced on the daily: cancelled!

[Page Six]

Kim Kardashian threw a lavish, floral-filled baby shower for her third baby recently—which is being delivered via surrogate. Was the surrogate at the baby shower? Has her family met the surrogate? Do North or Saint know or understand that they’re getting a baby sister and if so, are they wondering why the only change in their mother’s appearance has been the lank blond hair?


Really good questions. Here are some vague answers.

[Us Weekly]

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