Katrina Pierson On Trump Allegations: 'First Class Seats Had Fixed Armrests' So They Can't Be True

Image of people in utter disbelief via Twitter / screengrab
Image of people in utter disbelief via Twitter / screengrab

Here is Katrina Pierson, noted aviation expert and national spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, explaining why the New York Times story about Donald Trump groping a woman on an airplane is definitely not true.


When asked by Don Lemon for her thoughts on whether or not Jane Leeds’ story about Donald Trump groping her in first class on a flight to New York in the 1980s is true, Pierson rattles off a list of planes before asserting with conviction that first class seats had “fixed armrests.”


You see, that’s why this couldn’t have possibly happened. Trust her. She’s an expert. When Lemon asked her about why she thought these women would come out with their allegations now, her response is just as laughable: “Fifteen minutes of fame.”

“Katrina, do you think that that’s fair? Because people will say the same thing about you,” Lemon says. “That you’re supporting Donald Trump for fifteen minutes of fame.”

Really makes you think.

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Did she just get owned by Don fucking Lemon? Oooh, honey.