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Well, this is a relief. Kate Mulgrew—of Star Trek: Voyager and Orange is the New Black—has addressed yesterday's outrage over her involvement in a documentary, funded by an outspoken Holocaust denier, that promotes the idea of a geocentric universe (one in which the earth is the orbital center). Mulgrew says she didn't realize what the documentary and its producer were all about, and took the voiceover work purely as a financial opportunity, not an ideological endorsement.


Via Mulgrew's Facebook:

I understand there has been some controversy about my participation in a documentary called THE PRINCIPLE. Let me assure everyone that I completely agree with the eminent physicist Lawrence Krauss, who was himself misrepresented in the film, and who has written a succinct rebuttal in SLATE. I am not a geocentrist, nor am I in any way a proponent of geocentrism. More importantly, I do not subscribe to anything Robert Sungenis has written regarding science and history and, had I known of his involvement, would most certainly have avoided this documentary. I was a voice for hire, and a misinformed one, at that. I apologize for any confusion that my voice on this trailer may have caused.


Thanks for clearing that up, Red!

You can read Lawrence Krauss's rebuttal, delightfully titled "I Have No Idea How I Ended Up in That Stupid Geocentrism Documentary," here.

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