Kate Moss Out

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Kate Moss, a model famous for being compared to Russell Westbrook and for eating some drugs that one time, has been with Storm Models since she was just 14 years old. But after 28 years with Storm (a clean two-thirds of her life), she is leaving the agency. Moss’ little sister Lottie is still under contract with Storm, and both parties sound pretty chill about the split. Storm released a statement to Vogue UK, which seems to indicate that Moss isn’t totally cutting ties with them:

After a successful 28 year relationship, Kate is moving her business in house, and we will continue to maintain an active involvement in our on-going deals for her.


Storm was under investigation back in August for some cartel-esque price fixing, but it looks like they got off? Good for them.

Anyway, Moss initially got discovered by Storm founder Sarah Doukas in 1988 when Doukas saw the 14-year-old Moss standing next to her dad as he was arguing at the ticket counter at JFK. Doukas got on the same flight as Moss, and the way she tells it, “As soon as the seat belt sign switched off, we rushed over.”

Speaking of planes, 27 years later, Moss got kicked off a plane for calling the pilot a “basic bitch,” which is cool as shit.

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