Kate McKinnon Will Play Elizabeth Holmes In New Hulu Miniseries

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Elizabeth Holmes has been an object of fascination ever since the release of John Carreyrou’s 2018 book, Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup, which highlighted, among other things, the deranged lengths she went to convince herself and others that she’d disrupted the healthcare industry with her bogus company, Theranos.


But there’s Holmes the fraudster, and then there’s Holmes herself, whose personal affect is very much “Romy White gives a TED Talk.” Following the HBO documentary The Inventor, Holmes’ aesthetic quirks—her omnipresent Steve Jobs turtleneck; the supposition that she fake-lowers her voice—have only intensified the Black Mirror vibe her already weird story projects.

Now, Hulu has ordered a limited series based on the popular ABC Radio podcast The Dropout, with Kate McKinnon set to play Holmes. While Jennifer Lawrence will also portray her in a forthcoming film, there’s probably no actor on Earth better suited than McKinnon to capture Holmes’ wide, unblinking eyes and the low thrum of psychosis that seems to vibrate from her many split ends.


According to Deadline, McKinnon will also serve as an executive producer. I don’t want to say McKinnon was born for this role, because that would do a disservice to her Robert Mueller impression, but I do think she’s going to do a very convincing job of playing the alien who is playing the woman who is Holmes. 

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This entire story feels like it’s moving into “Wolf of Wall Street” territory, where I’m beginning to wonder if we’re not just accidentally glorifying a horrible asshole now.

I hope this and the rumored movie with Jennifer Lawrence won’t shy away from the people Holmes gave false hope to, how incredibly uncaring she was, and how uncritically her donors accepted her very obvious bullshit, and doesn’t white wash this all into “Oh man, check out this Bad Girl breaking the rules and having an awesome life!”

Holmes is not an anti-hero, she’s just another greedy huckster.

Good for Kate though.