I'm So Tickled By Kate McKinnon As Robert Mueller

Sometimes I try to watch SNL through the lens of a cynical young tastemaker, pantomiming disgust at a show whose glory days are long behind it. Occasionally I succeed, but more often I guffaw along at the sketches like the gym short-wearing, couch-bound middle-aged father that I secretly am. Last night, the enduringly charming Kate McKinnon debuted her latest character, Robert Mueller, in all his droopy jowl’d glory, and the results were aces.


Asked by Weekend Update’s Colin Jost how the infamous Russia probe is progressing, Mueller/McKinnon makes an initial stab at reticence, but is ultimately unable to smother a grin. “We good,” s/he says, eyes practically bursting with gleee. “I want to tell you so bad...I can’t.”

“Don Jr., he wrote in his Venmo description, Russia—NO, I can’t! Augh, it hurts!” she shouts.


Literally, though, I bet he actually did.

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

The prosthetics she’s wearing are a work of art. She looks just like him and yet it’s completely seamless.