Kate Hudson Is Here For the How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days Jokes

Kate Hudson is just as amused with Anthony Scaramucci’s abrupt departure as White House Communications Director as everyone else hooked on the awful tragicomedy called Our Lives in 2017. The Daily Dot’s art director seems to have made this Photoshop, but Hudson’s bumping it gives me an extra soupçon of satisfaction.


No sooner had the news of Mooch’s ouster vibrated our phones than the jokes began pouring in, among them the ol’ How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days trope, since, you know, the Mooch lasted just 10 da—yeah okay, you get it.

In the film, Hudson’s character, magazine writer Andie Anderson, is working on a story in which she strives to repulse Benjamin Barry, an ad exec who’s simultaneously trying to win her heart as part of a work bet. You know the plot; I just like reveling in the more simple days of 2003. What were you doing in 2003? I think I spent most of it smoking weed out of an apple, detaching it from my lips only to take a sip of schnapps and, I guess, watch this movie.

While Andie employs all sorts of clever tricks to scare away Ben, like purchasing a fern and enjoying Celine Dion, they don’t even begin to compare to the scenarios that occurred within our own government, like the time Scaramucci called up the New Yorker on what for all the world sounds like a coke-fueled rampage, or when he missed the birth of his child because he was hanging out with Trump and some Boy Scouts.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was a pretty bad film that had some memorable moments. The Trump administration is a horrible film, but Scaramucci’s brief tenure was an entertaining bright spot. If I had to pick an exact parallel, I guess it would be this scene:



Kellyanne: “I can’t believe Spicer only lasted 53 days as Communications Director. That’s a record that will never be broken”

Mooch: “Hold my beer”