Kate Gosselin Gets Her Own Show

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If you're scared that she'll soon be booted off DWTS, take comfort in the fact that Kate Gosselin isn't going anywhere soon, after inking a deal with TLC for her own reality show—airing this summer—called Twist of Kate.

I'm not loving the pun-y title, because it doesn't remind me of "fate" as much as it does a cocktail—of which you might actually need several to sit through her new series, because it sounds boring. Pennsylvania's most photographed single mom will be traveling "around the country to find out how other people juggle work, family and all the other challenges life throws at them." Snooze!

To offset the impending "She's a bad mother who doesn't spend time with her kids!" bullshit that accompanies any news of this woman having a high-profile, paying gig, the network has also managed to hammer out a deal with Jon Gosselin's lawyers that allows the former couple's eight children to be filmed for several specials called Kate Plus 8, which will focus on her life as a single mom.


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I am an open and unabashed Kate Gosselin supporter (if you noticed my six other posts in this thread, you may already have guessed that). I fully support people's right to dislike Kate. There are celebrities I dislike. I don't watch shows that they are on, read articles about them, or comment on said articles.

I get tired of the "won't this woman just GO AWAY" complaints because once you've taken the time to click on a link and write a comment, you have made yourself part of the problem. Actually, you've pretty much created the problem entirely on your own, and you should leave Kate out of it.

I am not sure why other people like Kate, but I like her because: I find her deadpan sense of humor appealing, I appreciate that she is upfront about her faults, and I greatly admire her for going on DWTS and keeping on in the face of the fact that she's a shitty dancer who is obviously terrified every time she takes the stage.

I do also feel sorry for her because she gets enormous amounts of shit, everyday, online from people who seem to have nothing better to do that write obsessively about someone they hate. She's not the first female celebrity in this position - there are the cults of hating Rachael Ray, Katherine Heigl, etc. - and she won't be the last. I think a good 80% is just plain old misogyny, and mostly from women, no less. So much of the criticism I read of her is really quite sexist. I support her right to follow whatever career she wants. If people aren't interested, they don't have to watch.