Karlie Kloss, Welcome to the Resistance

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Now that the first portion of the attempted coup is over for the moment, we can all sit back, have a tea, and welcome Karlie Kloss into the fold.


As yesterday’s events wrapped up in the nation’s Capitol, most celebrities were quiet (save for this beautiful tweet from Tara Reid), which to me, felt like a blessing. Watching a coup unfold on live television while also occasionally plunging into Twitter’s churning waters is a horrible way to spend a Wednesday afternoon, and there are enough people online who think they are good at jokes, commentary, or otherwise, that we do not need a celebrity’s input. However, this tiny nibble from Karlie Kloss, wife of Joshua Kushner and sister-in-law to Jared and Ivanka, deserves closer examination.

Okay! Yas! You’re right! Thanks, Karlie! Someone on Twitter whose account is now locked responded to this tweet asking her to “tell her sister in law and brother law, which is a fair point. Karlie’s response?

Ah! Hm!! OK! I actually believe her, though it doesn’t matter if I do or not, because I am largely irrelevant to this conversation. What does Karlie Kloss “trying” look like? Maybe there’s a group text between her, Jared, Ivanka, and Joshua that they use primarily to discuss the logistics of their occasional double dates, and now, the tenor of that text has changed considerably, given the state of the country and the fact that Ivanka’s father is a mealy-mouthed demagogue too scared to face his own failure. Karlie has been pretty transparent about her political beliefs, if this selfie of her wearing a Biden-Harris face mask while holding her mail-in ballot means anything. (It does!)


Anyone who has tried to convince a family member to do something that they don’t want to do will surely understand that for all of Karlie’s “trying, the White House Kushners are immovable. They are in too deep. But good for her for giving it a shot. [E! News]

I don’t want to be mean to Demi Lovato, because she’s been through enough, and could really just use a moment, but I think that maybe now isn’t quite the time for music like this.


Listen! Everyone has their own way of processing big, scary emotions. Demi’s, bless her, is through song.... I just don’t know if the American people need a song about the “assault on democracy” right at this very instant. In fact, I’d say that we don’t? But! I don’t make the rules, though if I did, shit would be a little different. Anyway! Okay, Demetria. Have a good time. [Twitter]


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