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Kanye West's Wedding Planning Is Out of Control

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Kanye West is allegedly going out of control planning his big day. The singer/actor/designer/messiah was expected to have a quiet family wedding (lol, no), but recent reports from various insiders suggest that West's ideas are running to much more extravagant places.

"This will be the event of the year. Think fashion runway, stage show performance. Think Avant-garde. Think nothing like you've ever seen. Kanye's saying 'This is a concept event based on a wedding,'" the insider recently dished.

The source added, "He's sometimes even forgetting to involve Kim in the meetings with the wedding planner. She feels like the whole thing might be spinning out of control. It's just insane. Kanye has basically billed it as breaking the boundaries of what to expect when it comes to a wedding."

Quick Question: What do people expect when it comes to weddings, because my expectations are always that there will be some kind of puff pastry dish as an entree and that someone will get angry at me for knocking out a bridesmaid to catch the bouquet. Anything beyond that is pretty much a slam dunk, Kanye; you don't have to work that hard!

"Now he's working on all these huge surprises for the wedding, but as a result she has virtually no idea what is going to happen at her own wedding. She's been kept in the dark about a lot of the details and that doesn't make her happy," a source told Life & Style magazine.


I hope this is televised because I would love to see the look on Kim's face as she tries to walk down the aisle while 1000 white doves are released into the air and 57 corgis wearing capes and crowns are lowered onto the altar. (Also: Flash pots! Flash pots everywhere!) [Inquisitr]


Snooki may be pregnant again. According to sources (J-WOWW, I bet) she's keeping the baby under wraps (swaddled?) for now so as not to interfere with any upcoming appearances. Congratulations, Snooki!


Miley Cyrus drank a stranger's beer during her concert and the crowd went wild! I would have gone wild, too, but for a very different reason: beer at concerts cost 15 dollars and is for my consumption only! HANDS OFF, HANNAH MONTANA! (Also: What if the fan had mono?)[TMZ]

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  • God, Mo'Nique is the best. [HipHollywood]
  • SpaceJam 2 is happening. ::busts out official Looney Tunes Characters Looking Tough denim jacket I've been waiting to wear again for years.:: [Perez Hilton]
  • Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Oscars because it is terrifying and she wants to challenge herself. How are you challenging yourself today? I put on pants. [People]
  • Let's do this, Saturday!

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