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Kanye West Subtitle Writer Gives Zero Fucks

Whoever was responsible for writing the BBC’s subtitles for Kanye West’s headline performance at Glastonbury on Saturday night apparently had a complete fucking meltdown.


The subtitle writer was apparently tasked with the rapid transcription of all the lyrics in West’s performed songs, an assignment that could have been facilitated by consulting Rap Genius or by completing a very simple Google search.

But instead, they decided to wing it, and, at the same time, censor West’s explicit lyrics with the creativity of a brick.


The n-word became “ligga”:

“Motherfucker” became the much more respectful “motherducker”:


And, apparently, that’s all this subtitle writer could muster:


Are you Bev? Do you know who Bev is? Can you give us a step-by-step breakdown of this person’s descent into mental darkness? Get in touch.


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Lilly (Hungry hungry hipster!)

Holy fuck, I am seriously dying. That is amazing. I hope whoever did that gets a raise.