Kanye Revives Your 2009 VMA Fan Fiction With a Single Verse About Taylor Swift

Dust off your 2009 diaries: neither marriage nor kids can keep Kanye away from possibly asking Taylor out for some sex and pizza in the future, no matter how much he wants to dip Kim’s ass in gold!!! (#tbt). (“Pizza” implied by the author; it is not the official food choice of Mr. West.)

You see, Thursday’s launch of Yeezy Season 3 brought with it Kanye’s new album, The Life of Pablo.


The album, in turn, brought with it the following line:

So there we have it. We weren’t total fools for this love after all! It was perhaps hard to realize that the story between these two would take a Pygmalion-like bent, because technically Kanye West did not “make that bitch famous”—“that bitch” had been famous for a few years or so at that point—but I mean bygones can be bygones. She already forgave him for ruining her VMA moment; I’m sure this will be just fine.

Unless...she’s already seen this? That might be unforgivable.

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