Kanye Bought a Home on the Range

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Last week, Business Insider ran a piece asking what will happen to all the baby boomer luxury ranches millennials are too selfish to buy, and I briefly felt terrible at the thought of all these unspoiled acres and rustic mansions falling to ruin because I cruelly choose to live in a cramped two-bedroom apartment with a roommate in my thirties. Luckily, we’ve got a solution: Kanye West, a Gen X-er, will save the luxury ranches.


He has begun his crusade to rescue the nation’s orphaned palatial Ponderosas by purchasing Monster Lake, a 9,000-acre ranch in Wyoming, while he goes through his Saved religious album phase and finishes an album called Jesus Is King. Hopefully, his ranch, more than half the size of Manhattan, will be large enough to contain the noise from his listening party, since his last party in Wyoming at the rented Diamond Cross Ranch was so loud weary ranchers called the law, afeared the ruckus would startle the herds:

“Kanye’s ye listening party was so loud that it triggered immediate complaints from the Diamond Cross Ranch’s neighbors, according to The Blast. Teton County has strict noise ordinances, which Kanye’s party wholly ignored. The ranch’s owner told The Blast that there will be ‘no more rappers’ at her ranch. Well, rappers can now head over to Monster Lake Ranch for all their listening party needs.”

Wyoming, take it from Idaho. If celebrities want your state, they will buy it. [Hollywood Life]

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Kanye is starting a cult, he is going to perform some kind of service tomorrow in some church in Chicago.