Justin Bieber's Mugshot in Prada Is Everything

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It has been a non-stop week for Justin Bieber news. Everything else in the world took a back seat as we watched Bieber enter the full bloom of his awkward rebellious phase, complete with a smiling mugshot, brief twitter silence, and then oddly-styled cryptic messages for his fans.


While Justin figures out his next steps (hopefully just chilling for a while and not egging people's houses or driving while under the influence? Just a suggestion), internet artists have been busy repurposing his mugshot into beautiful works of digital art. The best of these is this amazing photo of Bieber in Prada, happily strolling down the runway on which the smile in his mugshot belongs.

Image via Instagram

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Yet again Jezebel is partaking in these antics. Calling a boy a girl because he may seem or act effeminate is not okay. I see this shit all over the Internet from 12 year old boys who think that insulting Justin Bieber* and calling him a woman, or gay, or a fairy, etc. makes them somehow more macho. I really didn't expect to see Jezebel participating in this.

Justin Bieber is a straight man. Talking about him as if he is a girl, Photoshopping a picture of him in a dress, or laughing about him acting less than masculine is just plain wrong.

Shame on you.

* For the record, I am not a fan of his, and I think he needs to go to jail or have some sense knocked into him. However, this doesn't mean we get to use the same insults thrown at our communities to insult him.