Justin Bieber's Crocs Are Here, and They're Yellow

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Photo: Crocs x Justin Bieber

Remember when Croc-wearers were met with disdain because there was a time, so long ago now, that what you looked like mattered? Because you had places to go and people to meet, and those people expected you to dress like an adult and not a very tall baby?


Crocs may still be absolutely hideous, but who cares! Pants that button might look better than the shapeless cotton bag I euphemistically refer to as a “house dress,” but who needs to impress anyone these days? Justin Bieber understands, and that’s why his clothing company, Drew House, has debuted a line of mustard yellow Crocs, which look exactly like regular Crocs. Bieber himself said that he’s “been wearing Crocs since the beginning of time,” so this collaboration was basically inevitable. I hope we never go back to regular shoes. 

“As an artist, it’s important that my creations stay true to myself and my style,” Bieber said in a statement. “I wear Crocs all the time, so designing my own pair came naturally. With these Crocs, I just focused on making something cool that I want to wear.”

Aside from just being yellow Crocs, Bieber’s custom design includes a set of little charms (called Jibbitz, in Croc lingo) that consist of a slice of pizza, a smiling flower, a smiling sun, and other icons that represent Bieber’s artistic soul.

The price of owning a pair of Crocs x Justin Bieber is $59.99, which is around $15 more than your standard non-Bieber Crocs. Just FYI though, Bad Bunny also did a recent Crocs collab, but his GLOW IN THE DARK! Get both, I don’t care. 


tonight, living in a fantasy

Borrowed a pair of crocs from someone once, and when I put them on, my middle toe somehow hit the raised ridge on the insole behind where your toes go... snap! Crocs broke my toe. I will never buy a pair.