Justin Bieber Was Very Committed to His Fake Pregnancy April Fool's Day Prank

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April 1st has become the day that celebrities and brands attempt to to trick fans into believing nonsense via social media. This year, Justin Bieber committed the entire day to convincing his Instagram followers that Hailey is pregnant.

First, he posted an ultrasound photo to his Instagram, to which Mrs. Bieber replied “Very funny...” End of joke right?



He then posted a picture of Hailey surrounded people who look to be medical professionals and touching her stomach with the caption “If you thought it was April fools [sic].”

He then photoshopped a puppy into another sonogram photo and quipped “Wait omg is that a,,, [sic] APRIL FOOLS.” Hilarious. But why was Hailey holding her stomach in that doctor’s office?



Jameela Jamil’s crusade against those Kardashian-endorsed poop shakes continues. In response to a NYT interview in which the Kardashians defended their decision to promote weight loss products on their Instagram accounts, Jamil tweeted that “Their pockets are lined with the blood and diarrhea of teenage girls.”


In the Times interview, Kris said she doesn’t “live in that negative energy space,” by which I’m pretending she means the bloody diarrhea pockets.


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  • Justin Bieber was also pretty tactless about Diddy’s tribute to the late Kim Porter. [Page Six]
  • LuAnn probably isn’t moving to Los Angeles, and Bethenny definitely isn’t pregnant with Tom’s behbeh, but whoo boy would I watch that season. [Us Weekly]
  • Ginger and Mel B. may not have become 1 after all. [Page Six]

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Jameela Jamil is the hero we all needed but do not deserve.