Justin Bieber Is 'Very Good In Bed' and 'Well Endowed' Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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A few days ago, news broke that a young woman had taken a video of Justin Bieber sleeping. Well now that young woman is saying that the two of them did more than snooze together, ifyouknowwhatI'msaying.


In an interview with The Sun, Brazilian model Tati Neves said the following shocking and entirely unbelievable things:

"Take it from me, he's well endowed - and very good in bed."

"A man must know what to do to make me happy - Justin did all that and more."

Tati, who later posted the footage she took of Bieber online, also told the newspaper it was an "unforgettable" night and he "looked great naked".

Absolutely no offense to Bieber, but while he might be well-endowed (that would certainly explain his propensity for drop-crotched Hammer pants) and he might look great naked (if you like hideous tattoos) at 19 years old, he is definitely not "very good in bed." The only man in the history of histories that was very good in bed at 19 was Casanova, as anyone who has seen the Heath Ledger movie about his life and times could attest.

Unfortunately for Bieber, it's probably hard for him to be too excited about the great press his dick is getting right now, given the food poisoning he had that forced him to cancel a show. Get better Bieber! If only for the women of the world.

Justin Bieber model Tati Neves claims Bieber is "very good in bed" [Mirror]

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All I can think of is: How much are they paying her, and how long does her PR contract go for?

Or maybe they're holding members of her family hostage for that bed pic, and these comments are the price of release?

Because accepting any of these statements as 'truth' makes as much sense as, well, calling JB a true gentleman and a talented painter.

Edit: Even if he did 'look great naked', which we can judge as well as she can because he runs around shirtless with his pants falling off all the damn time, sleeping with his trucker hat would automatically negate any hotness, were any to exist.