Just 240 Years Late, It's Your Hillary Clinton Liveblog

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The past two weeks have been a rollercoaster of political emotion and deadening boredom, and boy, are we tired.


But! We’re finally here, at the summit of the mountain that is the primaries, and ready to behold the snowcap that is Hillary Clinton’s nomination acceptance speech. We would be lying if we said the stakes were low, and the takeaway from what has been a generally uplifting, positive DNC is totally in Hillary Clinton’s woman hands.

Questions that will be answered tonight: will the first female nominee of a major party rouse the spirit of a cranky nation? Will Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine share a hearty hug? Will Chelsea Clinton wear something like this?


Senior Editor, Jezebel

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I’m really hoping you guys skip the snark tonight. This is not only a singular, seminal moment, but this woman is trying her level best to beat a fucking fascist. The gravity, the significance, of this night means something — to women, to people of color, to every religion and nation and more that tomorrow Donald Trump might declare not worthy of our kindness and comfort. Or more likely, he’s already declared it. Thank you.