Julie Chen Trashed The View on Watch What Happens Live

Last week, Page Six reported that Barbara Walters, co-creator of ABC’s The View is beyond disappointed by what ABC has done to the show since her departure, writing that she “fears the show will be ­remembered for its petty backstage bickering and revolving door of talent.”


A source told them:

“She feels they’ve ruined the franchise that she and Bill Geddie built. Instead of focusing on smart, educated women with strong talent, they cast uninformed child actors on the show. The legacy has been compromised because of poor casting and bad leadership under ABC News.”

When asked about this particular report during the Q&A segment on Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live, Julie Chen (one of the co-hosts on CBS’s View competitor The Talk, whose participants have a long history of shitting on the ABC show) said, “I believed every word I read in Page Six.” A woman after my own heart.

She went on:

“I do think Barbara Walters is probably like, ‘This amazing show I created is now just kind of withering away with a revolving door of hosts that people can’t keep straight.’ I mean, I should know all the names of the hosts, and I don’t. Because it changes so often!”

(It’s very funny that she hid the rudest comments inside speculative statements from Barbara Walters. Well done, Ms. Chen.)

Dear TV executives,

I have a pitch: The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, but with The View and The Talk.




[E! Online]

One of the two insufferable adult-sized Canadian theater kids currently scamming HGTV viewers with hideous home designs and terrible jokes on Property Brothers is engaged, and I must admit, I’m happy. Not because I care about Drew Scott (the real estate one) and his fiancée Linda Phan, but because the story of their engagement is so perfectly dopey.


Reports Refinery29:

...While they were at dinner at Piano Piano in Toronto, a recording of Scott singing Train’s “Marry Me” played as a cake was served. But this wasn’t just an ordinary cake: It had Dr. Seuss illustrations on top along with the words “Oh the Places We’ll Go.”


I have a feeling that a Fuller House writer is going to see this and RIP THE MOMENT FROM THE HEADLINES for a scene in season 3.

Meanwhile, why did People delete this post?!

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Good for Lamar. The pro-active approach shows that he’s taking his recovery pretty seriously. I wish him the best. I’m planning on entering a residential treatment facility for depression after the holidays. I’m terrified but I can’t keep living the way I have been for the past 3 years. The hardest hurdle for me to get over is leaving my 3 year old daughter for at least 30 days. Also leaving my husband effectively a single dad. It’s a huge sacrifice my family is making for me and I’m so, so grateful. I want to make them proud.