Judge Says Kelly Rutherford Lost Custody of Her Kids Due to ‘Strong Risk’ She’d Abduct Them

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We have a few more details about the Tuesday “finale” of Kelly Rutherford’s six-year legal battle, in which she officially lost custody of her two children to ex-husband (and resident of Monaco) Daniel Giersch.


Writes TMZ:

In a written ruling, obtained by TMZ, the judge said there was “a strong risk of the children’s abduction and retention in the United States” — translation, there was a big chance she’d flee with the kids.

Sad! Or, I don’t know, maybe it’s just fine. The kids—whom Kelly will have to visit in Monaco if she would like to continue seeing them—have stability for the first time in years, and that’s not necessarily an unhappy ending.

And think of all the frequent flyer miles Kelly can rack up! Eh?


I’m just trying to look on the bright side.


Forget what you’ve heard (some of which I’ve probably told you), because David Foster is still paying Yolanda Foster’s Lyme disease bills. In fact, TMZ reports he’s coughing up money for plenty of things—and he’s not even legally obligated!

They write:

...Yolanda signed a prenup when the couple married in 2011, but he’s giving her significantly more than he’s required to do under the document. We’re told their $27 million Malibu home is his property, but when they sold it he gave her a “big chunk.”

We’re told Yolanda just bought a new $5 million home in the fancy Wilshire Corridor section of L.A. with the money she got in the sale.


Yolanda’s going to be fine. David’s going to be fine. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are going to be fine. Kelly Rutherford’s kids are going to be fine.


Look, Beyonce’s a Christmas tree!


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My husbands stepmom made her grandchildren burn their copies of HP. It was so devestating because they weren’t academically inclined and those were the first books they were excited to read. People get away with this kind of child abuse but they really fucking shouldn’t.

Adele - I need to learn your ways. It's really shitty to be a Type 1 diabetic and addicted to sugar.