Judge Refuses Josh Duggar's Request to See Evidence in Sexual Battery Suit

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A Philadelphia judge has denied a request from Josh Duggar and his attorneys that demands Danica Dillon, the woman who is suing Duggar for physical and emotional abuse, produce evidence that demonstrates she was physically harmed during sexual intercourse with Duggar by a certain date.


Radar reports:

In U.S. District Court documents exclusively obtained by Radar, Judge Mark A. Kearney denied Duggar’s motion to compel Dillon’s “initial disclosures,” or medical treatment costs and employment information.

“Presumably, if this matter is of such importance to her that she would file a public complaint, make accusations about Defendant on national television and demand more than half a million dollars, producing some documentation of her losses and injuries and the names of people who have knowledge about her allegations within the time set by this Court and required by its rules should be feasible,” Duggars’ attorneys huffed in January 8 documents. “In fact, Defendant believes it should be a priority.”

The court previously gave Dillon, 28, otherwise known as Ashley Stamm-Northup, and her attorneys an extension to provide the information, and the decision still stands.

The two parties will meet in court on January 21 for a pretrial conference.


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