Judge Orders Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Explain Twitter to Him in Court

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Twitter is a social media platform where the same men who demand women remove their headphones in public so they can “ask a quick question” go to demand women engage in impromptu public debates. In both cases, men are prone to throwing fits when women decline. On November 5, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be forced to appear in a Brooklyn court in order to explain the ways in which Twittermen feel entitled to a woman’s time to an apparently clueless judge.


The testimony is part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by ex-Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who says Ocasio-Cortez violated his First Amendment rights when she blocked him. Hikind claims he was blocked after criticizing Ocasio-Cortez for comparing migrant detention centers to WWII concentration camps.

At an August town hall, Ocasio-Cortez countered that she’s blocked fewer than 20 people for harassing her, not for any particular political stance. She also pointed out that no one has a constitutional right to be heard:

“While people have a right to say whatever they want, they do not have a right to force me to hear it,” she said. “Free speech isn’t an entitlement to force someone to endure your harassment.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s attorneys have asked that the lawsuit be dismissed with prejudice so that it cannot be brought against her again, but a male federal judge would like to know why the lady will not just let the gentleman ask her a quick question:

I think she has to testify,’ Judge Frederic Block said. ‘Her point is that this was an A-OK thing to do … she has to explain.’

Hikind, for his part, is “very excited” to force Ocasio-Cortez to talk to him in court

That comment from her, I found so incredibly outrageous, Hikind, also a Democrat, said at the hearing. ‘I was shut out basically from having a conversation,’ he said after he was blocked.”


Please, no one tell the guys on the subway who demand I pause my podcast so they can ask if I have a boyfriend that they may now take me to court for an answer.



It sounds like the judge should try being a woman for a week. He might figure it out. I’m 58 years old. For the most part I look 58 years old. I’m physically disabled. Yesterday I was at Costco and got a hotdog when I was done shopping. I sat at the first table to eat, and parked my cart at the end of the table. A guy about the size, shape, and age of Trump came up and asked if he could sit at my table. It wasn’t busy but it was right next to the condiments and he was straining to walk so I said sure. He’s working on 80, what do I have to worry about?

So he sits and comments on the weather - I live in NC and it was 97 degrees AGAIN. I agreed I was tired of it. I was reading my phone. More chit chat about the weather. I finally comment that I my alarm clock that tells me the weather every morning and that I’m tired of it saying it’s going to be in the upper 90's since April. He asks what kind of alarm I have and I explain I’d bought a google speaker and it helps in a lot of different ways. “Oh, I bet it hears you and your husband going at it all the time.” Really, motherfucker?

I ignore him. I say, “yes, I’m tired of the hot weather”, and go on with my reading and eating. “I bet it hears you two moaning and groaning all night long.” I’m surrounded by old white men. WTF am I supposed to say to him? My temper goes from zero to 90 in about 20 seconds, and it never turns out good when a woman gives a man what’s coming to him in a public space. Back to my phone. I’m checking the schedule for upcoming weekend sports. He sees I’m checking local Rugby schedule where I’m supposed to meet someone this weekend.

“Rugby? Soccer’s popular but Rugby?” I tell him that I don’t think that there’s an audience for the Soccer stadium they want to build in Charlotte and go back to reading. He says, “That Cam Newton doesn’t care anything about football, he just cares about dressing funny.” Ok... “You know they got that Joe Biden for sure today - he belongs in jail. They got photos of him on the golf course with someone from Ukraine.” Uh-huh... “You know if I hear one more thing from that jerk “Shifty” my head’s going to explode!” I suggest that he might hear more so he should probably take his blood pressure medicine because more’s coming. BTW, this is an hour before yesterday’s news conference. I wad up my wrapper and walk away, shaken and angry that there has never been a time in the last 50 years that some asshole hasn’t come along and decided to have a little fun at my expense in one way or another.

I’m a girl. The time I was 35 and walked up the library steps and the jerk sitting on the steps looked at me and said, “MMMmmmm pussy....” The time two years ago when I was stuck in an airport and our flights were all cancelled due to a hurricane and after hours I asked another passenger to push me in a wheelchair to a gate and he tried to push me past the gate to a bar and when I used my cane to stop him and got out of the chair he grabbed my butt and said, “You have a fine ass”, or the airline worker who asked me “What do you want US to do about it?” (I told him that I didn’t want to have to sit next to the assailant.) Eventually they the airport police arrested him for doing the same thing to another woman. Imagine my thrill when I learned that I’d have to sleep alone in the airport. How about the times I was a teenager and men grabbed me or hollered obscenities at me in the street. The times in my 20's walking to or from work when men approached and asked if I wanted to “earn”. The time I was kidnapped at gunpoint by a stranger in front of my house and raped and sodomized and he looked at me and said, “Oh my god, you’re beautiful! I’ll walk you home so that no one will hurt you.”

I held yesterday’s bullshit in for 12 hours, and finally when my husband of 35 years comes home and after dinner I tell him the story. My husband would NEVER do anything like this to any woman. He’s the prude, the gentleman. I get to the part of the story where this fat old fart is leering at me and telling me that my alarm clock is listening to us fuck and my husband giggles. I ask him, “Do you think that’s funny?” No, he says. “Then why did you laugh?” “It’s embarrassing.” If it’s embarrassing for him, imagine how embarrassing and humiliating it is for those of us who have to put up with it and how useless it is to try to explain it to anyone. Imagine how scared we are that one day we’ll be old and alone and vulnerable to those who are supposed to take care of us. Imagine what we think of men who think that we should “just answer a simple question.”