Judge Judy was on Larry King Live last night, weighing in on current events. She says that Chris Brown's attack on Rihanna was not domestic violence, but assault. She also believes he'll do it again.

JJ says that if someone has the capacity for that kind of violence, and they don't get treatment for it, they will continue to behave that way. Having been a family court judge for several decades, JJ she explains that Chris Brown's case wouldn't qualify as domestic violence, because the couple didn't live together and weren't related. She said that what allegedly happened between the them was just plain violence.

She also says that she's not surprised that many young people questioned about this case believe that Rihanna probably did something to Brown to warrant the attack: girls, she says, have become more violent in recent years — as evidenced by the trend of girl-on-girl brawls that are filmed and uploaded to YouTube — so many of them know that they are capable of being the perpetrators of violence. JJ adds that of course, this doesn't excuse Brown's behavior, and it doesn't mean that Rihanna did anything to deserve what happened, but it does provide insight into why teens have reacted this way to the incident.


In other news, when Larry asked JJ about Michael Phelps' bong smoking picture, she said that she doesn't believe that pot should be legalized.

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