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Judge Judy: Cat-Killing Hipster

On today's JJ, a musician was suing another musician for killing her cat by throwing three of her televisions on it. His defense: "I was pretty wasted, but I don't think I ever killed a cat."

Both the defendant, Jonathan Coward, and the plaintiff, Kate Levitt are musicians. (You can check out Jonathan's Twitter, as well as his music on MySpace.) Levitt is part of Baltimore's Wham City, and also plays in other experimental-y bands, one of which is (ironically?) named Kitty P0rn. JJ was annoyed with both litigants, as well as their witnesses, but awarded the plaintiff $1000 on her claim.

The litigants' commentary at the end of the episode is the best part. Levitt says that Coward frequently tortures animals, saying, "The guy's crazy, but he's not a bad friend…usually." Meanwhile Coward says, "Pfft…we're tough. We hate those people."


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Someone killed one of my cats, he would be praying for the wrath of Judge Judy. I'd kill a motherfucker.