Jonathan Cheban Is Filming a Reality Show, Wants to Be Robin Leach

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Excellent publicist Jonathan Cheban (Kim Kardashian’s male bestie) is being weened off the teet of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and will soon have a(nother) reality show of his own. He says so himself.


Cheban (who I just learned is 41 YEARS OLD) claims he’s in the process of filming a show about his life that focuses on food and lifestyle. The aspiring restaurateur owns a sushi spot in Miami and, earlier this year, opened a burger joint in Long Island.

Page Six reports:

Although Cheban’s upcoming show has no network home, he says it’s already developed and he’ll be meeting with production companies in the coming weeks.


We all remember Cheban’s previous memorable E! reality series The Spin Crowd. Right? This one’s a bit different.

“It’s more about food, lifestyle and celebrity hotspots. That’s more me right now,” he says. “I want to become a cross between Robin Leach and Ron Popeil for 2016, that’s my motto.”

It’s totally possible. In the meantime, Cheban has built a cute reputation on social media, where he’s known to get kinda racist and occasionally shade the family that feeds him, i.e. his reaction to Kim’s peace-treaty selfie with Amber Rose:


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