Jon Hamm In New Ad: If you want someone to show you courage, send Lucas Kunce to the Senate.

Kunce is a Marine veteran who’s previously run for U.S. Senate in the state—but regards his race against Hawley in 2024 as winnable since Hawley’s politics have shifted in recent years to almost exclusively fixate on culture war bullshit. “[Hawley has] just done creepy things, like write books telling everybody how to be a man, and if you don’t do what he says then you’re not a man,” Kunce told HuffPost earlier this year. “So we’re going to hold him to task for all of that. He’s obsessed with what everybody else is doing in their bedroom, at work, on the internet, in the doctor’s office.”


Over the last several weeks, Hawley has made a string of press appearances to promote his book, parroting out the usual bullshit on gender roles and male breadwinners. Of course, beyond the fact that he really has nothing to show for what makes him an expert on any of this, it’s all a fairly well-traveled, unoriginal schtick, too. Just last week, Donald Trump Jr. rolled out his little masculinity magazine. Ousted Fox News star Tucker Carlson at least threw in some whimsy with his own approach to bemoaning the decline of masculinity, introducing testicular tanning into the cultural lexicon.

Hawley is a Harvard grad who’s devoted his career to using his power to take rights and resources away from those with substantially less power. Using this to grift his instructional guide to masculinity onto bookshelves is one thing. Trying to grift his way back into the U.S. Senate on dubious claims of being a manhood expert is pathetic.