Jon Gosselin Caught Jerking Off on Camera

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Kate Gosselin has to be over the moon about last night's Couples Therapy. Has there ever been schadenfreude so sweet as to watch your ex-husband get caught masturbating on television and then ripped a new asshole about it by Jodie Foster?


Jon Gosselin definitely has a type—it turns out that he's a bottom. While his new girlfriend Liz is much more casual than his ex-wife (she seems to only wear hoodies, of which she has a vast collection in all different shades of gray and black), she's just as emasculating. Or maybe that's just how any woman would behave around him after dealing with his shit. Jump to 36:15 for the action.


"it turns out that he's a bottom."

So is this another way of saying "she wears the pants in the relationship?" Because that is some sexist bullshit.