When the man continued to push, albeit brashly, for a clearer answer, in a thrilling display of the patience and willingness to extemporize upon difficult concepts generally desired in a leader, Biden threatened to fight the blue-collar worker and then insulted him:

“‘This is not OK, alright?’ the man shot back.

Biden replied, ‘Don’t tell me that, pal, or I’m going to go outside with your ass.’

‘You’re working for me, man!’ the worker said.

‘I’m not working for you,’ Biden said. ‘Don’t be such a horse’s ass.’”

It’s often said that women do not possess the passionless logic required to be president, and this exchange serves as a perfect example of the well-reasoned stoicism we can expect from the coming weeks, during which undoubtedly similar male conversation will determine our nation’s future. [The Hill]


Now that everyone’s good and anxious for the coming election, let’s barf our nervous stomachs clean: