In addition to being deeply hypocritical, Jordan appears to be mistaken about the crime numbers in Manhattan, Bragg’s jurisdiction. According to CNN’s fact-check on crime in New York, Manhattan reported 78 murders in 2022, compared to 503 murders reported at the height of NYC crime in 1990. New York Police reported a nearly 64 percent decline in rape and 87 percent decline in burglary from 2022 to 1990. The city is, objectively, a safer place now, when looking at NYPD stats.


Still, it’s hard to tell someone that witnessed a subway stabbing that “crime is down, actually!” Or tell a sexual assault survivor to sleep better at night because they were one of just a lot fewer than the absolute worst number the city recorded.

Neither Bragg nor New York City Mayor Eric Adams were invited to testify before the panel, despite being the people who, you know, are in charge of the lawless place known as the Big Apple. But at least Jordan got into town in time to possibly catch the final curtain call of Phantom of the Opera and rant about how crime victims aren’t supported!