Jilted Bride Attempts Suicide, Man Catches Her As She Falls

After learning that her fiance married another woman, 22-year-old Li-Wan put on her wedding gown and attempted to jump off the ledge of a building in Changchun, eastern China. Guo Zhongfan, a man who worked in the building, managed to catch her by her neck and train of her dress before she could plummet the 80 feet to the ground.


Jilted bride in China jumps out window [NY Post]

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So, I feel like this was a weird thought to have, but it popped into my head nonetheless, so here it is: It seems strange that she didn't fight against being rescued. But of course it's possible she just had a change of heart about ending her life at that point.

Also, what the hell happened with her engagement that she got as far as having a wedding gown, but the guy went and married someone else? What is that douchenozzle's story?