Jezebel Does CBD: Beauty Edition

CBD, or cannabidiol has quickly gained mainstream popularity as a weed-adjacent but non-psychoactive way for people to chill out. Users can vape it, eat it, or drink it in an attempt to relax and de-stress (although, I can’t imagine why anyone might be anxious right now. Everything is going great.)

But apparently CBD products won’t just give you a beautiful feeling inside, they claim to be able to literally make you more beautiful on the outside, too. It’s now a semi-common ingredient in makeup and skincare products, due in part to its supposed ability to reduce inflammation.


Is it too good to be true? Can CBD not only make you relax, but also hide wrinkles, hydrate your lips, condition your eyelashes, and massage sore spots? Jezebel decided to investigate for ourselves. Watch the video above to see how well the products worked. Are we glowing?

producer, jezebel


Here’s the thing that I feel is confusing. For example, if I have a headache and take a baby aspirin, chances are it won’t work. If I take a hundred full strength aspirin, chances are I will at the very least get a gastric bleed.

So. How does one determine the correct dose, correct amount to use for each type of bodily complaint? And do they just wave a capsule of it over their product or do they dump a gallon into the mix?

I’m​ not convinced.