Jessie J Thinks Channing Tatum Is a 'Special Man' But No, They're Not Getting Back Together

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Channing Tatum and Jessie J are sometimes dating, and sometimes broken up and trawling Raya, but no matter whose arms they find themselves in, he will always be her special, beautiful man. Maybe she shouldn’t lead with that though, if her special man has any hopes of finding her look-a-like replacement!


On Instagram Stories Sunday, the occasional pop star posted an unusually long tribute to her ex-boyfriend for his 40th birthday, claiming she is “grateful” he was born, and “even more grateful we met.”

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She followed up the photo with two more messages—Tatum on a motorcycle as a gif of Jonathan Van Ness blows glitter everywhere, and a video from some unspecified vacation, urging him to keep living his “BEST life.” Perhaps I’m simply looking for controversies where there are none, but isn’t the capitalization on “BEST” rather specific? Almost as if she’s emphasizing that his best life is without her. In the video, he cannonballs off a pier out of sight. Out of her life, really, if you think about it hard enough. No matter, he’ll probably have another Jenna Dewan look-a-like for us to gossip about before Jessie could belt her way through the chorus of “Bang Bang.” (Remember “Bang Bang?”) [Us Weekly]

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It’s been a bleak and unending two years since Cameron Diaz retired from acting. Well, “retired”—because she’s coming back again. Or maybe she isn’t? Frankly, it would make this all a lot easier if she just made up her mind! During a recent episode of makeup artist Gucci Westman’s YouTube series, “Makeup & Friends,” the host informed Diaz that “everybody wants you to go back to acting.” Diaz responded that she is “never going to say never because I’m not a person who says never about anything, clearly.” (Clearly!)

Diaz, however, seems conflicted about the Hollywood she may be returning to. Later in the clip, she derides the current state of red carpets, claiming they are “so different now.”

“For my premieres, I would just go to Barneys and buy clothes, and like, go to my premiere. It wasn’t like a whole production where you were scored, or rated, or judged on how you look. What’s the word? Objectified! Now that I’ve been home for six years, half my home is my kitchen.


Either the end of that thought has been edited out, or I’m meant to infer that before retiring, half her home was... assistants? A closet? Makeup vanities? Who knows! [InStyle]

Nothing to see here! Absolutely nothing at all. Moving right along...


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Aww, Cameron Diaz. Miss her. Wish her nothing but the best.

It’s weird to publicly wish the person you recently had a breakup with a happy birthday, right? Like just call or text them. I don’t know much about Jessie J, but that kind of thing comes off as attention seeking.

The Hadid sisters look straight out of the 90's in that Instagram.