Jessica Chastain to Play Vigilante Comic Hero 'Painkiller Jane'

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In another sign that the world keeps grinding on, a new super hero flick has been announced. The film is based on the Painkiller Jane graphic novel series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada, but a woman is taking the helm for the movie adaptation.


Variety reports that Jessica Chastain is starring and producing, taking on the role of Jane Vasko, an undercover police officer sent to infiltrate the mob. After gaining their trust, Vasko is sent to meet a rival gang member, unknowingly carrying an explosive device. It goes off, severely injuring her, but leaves the rival gang member unharmed. He revives her, imbuing her with superhuman regenerative powers. She becomes Painkiller Jane and the rest is vigilante history. Honestly, I was hoping she’d just swing through my window and give me a Vicodin, but okay.

Painkiller Jane’s story has been adapted before, as a television movie in 2005 for the SyFy channel, and then as a series in 2007. It was not renewed for a second season. Chastain is producing this version alongside Palmiotti, who also wrote the comic series Deadpool. Perhaps snarky blue humor will be more palatable coming out of a woman’s mouth.

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