Jessica Chastain Partnered With a Bunch of Women to Start Her Own Production Company, Freckle Films

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Wednesday night, my close friend and trusted confidant, Jessica Chastain, uploaded a photo of herself to Instagram and captioned it, “Nothing but my freckles. At least I’ll be on time.” I didn’t think much of it as I double-tapped the photo. Freckles? Sure. This woman has freckles, and she loves her freckles! Good for Jessica and her freckles. But it wasn’t a randomly chosen photo, as I had presumed, because Chastain announced Thursday that she has just launched her own production company called Freckle Films.


Variety reports Chastain will serve as president “alongside development executive Elise Siegel.” They will enter a “first-look overhead deal” (I won’t pretend to know what that means) with Maven Pictures, which is led by Celine Rattray, Trudie Styler, and Charlott Ubben. In a statement, Chastain said:

“I’m excited to launch Freckle Films, and I can’t imagine a better production partner than Maven Pictures. Trudie and Celine are not only both highly experienced and successful producers, but the projects they’ve created demonstrate their tenacious dedication to strong characters and compelling stories that clearly resonate with audiences. It’s an honor to work with them, as well as their company, one that mirrors many of the goals that I aspire to achieve with Freckle Films.”


Let’s run through those names again.

  • Jessica Chastain
  • Elise Siegel
  • Celine Rattray
  • Trudie Styler (she’s Sting’s wife, btw)
  • Charlotte Ubben

Women running a Hollywood production company. Who knew?

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MessO'Espresso is a noodle-bodied sloth

Awesome! More women in film production will mean more women in film. Hopefully they will also hire women of color as well to help increase diversity in Hollywood.

Also, I wish I had freckles.