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The Honest Company is worth almost $2 billion, and at least one reason for its tremendous success (despite the occasional hiccup) is the involvement of co-founder Jessica Alba.


In an interview with Cosmopolitan in their March issue, Alba made it clear that she has no time for the games some men play during business meetings—especially when they’re questioning her expertise on what women want.

“I’m in a man’s world in business. But I know what women want—[men] don’t…Whenever [male colleagues] question me in meetings, I’m like, ‘Go home and ask your wife. This is a pointless conversation. Go home and talk to her.’ When we were talking about package designs, I was like, ‘Are you really giving me notes on packaging for feminine care? I literally can’t with you.’”


For the type of man who would question a woman’s decisions about tampon packaging, “Go home and ask your wife,” is a tremendous burn on no fewer than three levels.

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Now I don’t know anything about design, but I really feel like they should come with a piece of chocolate and a midol inside each wrapper. Oh, and slip of paper with your fortune on it.