I'm a sap, but how can this not break your heart a little? "I never knew what it was like to have someone have my back… I never allowed myself to be cared for or protected that way in a relationship…" But when she did, good things followed! Oh, God. And she reiterated this fact during her Oscar acceptance speech:

Except James was totally fucking her over. I repeat: He is a woman's worst nightmare.

And really, who is Jesse James anyhow? Sure, he has a lucrative and successful career with his hogs and his tattoos and his reality show and whatever else he does — but he was still niche, a basic-cable cult figure. His romance with Bullock was what catapulted him into A-list level fame (or at least the glow of hers — but that's good enough, isn't it?). My mom doesn't necessarily know what Monster Garage is, but if she does, it's because she knows Sandra Bullock is married to the guy from it.

The power James has had on our collective national disgust is best measured against yesterday's reveal that Tiger Woods sent some seriously hardcore sexts (Ass-fucking! Choking! Golden showers!) to his porn-star paramour Joslyn James, who had the good taste to post the text messages on her website. Did this even upset anyone? Other than the shock factor of the language itself (assuming you're even shocked by that stuff anymore), no. We barely raised an eyebrow, and not because it was Tiger's umpteenth transgression. We're far more invested in the fact that Sandra Bullock was wronged. Yes, Elin Nordgren has been excruciatingly wronged as well, but America isn't attached to Elin. We barely know her. The truth is, we just care more about Bullock (sorry, Elin). Maybe we'd taken more note of the sexting story if James hadn't been so busy dicking over our girl.


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